A superb outing on one of Canada’s most important mountains. You will nearly circumnavigate the mountain in the 4 days (minimum) needed to pull this one off. Weather and snow conditions are fickle, making this an oft-attempted but seldom bagged objective. The route was name for the legendary Swiss-born guide Conrad Kain, who pulled off the first ascent with two clients in 1913 – certainly a landmark climb in the history of North American mountaineering.


Robson Prov. Park, British Columbia, Canada


G15, G21, I2, I9, W21

Type / Rating

Snow & Ice / Major outing (3-4 days) with extensive snow & ice to 45 degrees

Route Description:

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Trip Reports (pdf):

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First Ascent:

W. Foster, A. McCarthy, C. Kain, July 1913

On the CD-ROM:

29 high-res images of this climb

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