If you have high-quality images of any route in this collection and are willing to share them with the world, contact us after reading the rest of this page. You would retain all rights to your photos – I only ask for a “single use” license to publish digital versions of the images on the web page and on the CD.

Advantages of contributing photos include:

  • sharing information with fellow climbers
  • recognition for your photography and climbs
  • advertising for possible sale of your work

Since the routes are already well covered, I’m interested only in outstanding images that will improve the quality of the collection, or that have unique information content. Do not send any slides or negatives without contacting us first to see if they might qualify. To start, images must be well composed and exposed, and free of damage. The procedure is to mail the slides or negatives (use certified mail for extra security if you wish) in protective packaging. I will scan and return them as quickly as possible and reimburse your mailing expenses. For digital images, please e-mail low-resolution versions (~640×480 is suggested). I’ll then ask you to send any high-resolution verisons of images I choose for the collection, either via e-mail, or on a CD.

Rewards for contributing:

  • 1-20 images: A free copy of the CD.
  • over 20 images: Free CD, plus any one guidebook from the “references” page.

Legal Caveats:

Contributing photos to this project does not imply relinquishment of copyright. However, I can’t be responsible for copyright violations by others, or for any other liabilities that might result.

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