This project was assembled by Gary Clark with assistance from his wife and climbing partner Lynn Clark. We have been using classic climbs as an excuse to tour the mountain regions of North America for over 20 years, while holding down full-time jobs to pay for our adventures. We do some climbing instruction, have written a few magazine articles and local guidebooks, and play other outdoor games, notably bicycling, river rafting, nature study, and skiing.

Gary has climbed 72 of the routes in this collection, all of the 54 ‘Fourteeners’ in Colorado, and visited the high points of over two-thirds of the states; Lynn a few less in each category. We have also climbed in the Alps, the Andes, and the Himalaya. In 1977, Gary was technical climbing leader for the first American ascent of the highest mountain in the (former) Soviet Union: Pik Kommunizma (7450m). In 1997 we travelled under muscle power from the lowest point in the U.S. (Death Valley, -282′) to the highest point in the contiguous states (Mt. Whitney, 14,495′), reaching the summit on New Year’s Eve.


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